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  • 25012021
  • 8 Просмотров
In this post you will learn how to utilize Adobe Illustrator brushes - decorative stitches.
  • 07012021
  • 87 Просмотров
Here you will find some font secrets and learn how to use Webdings font for textile print.
  • 27122020
  • 58 Просмотров

Incorrect positioning of lines or their absence may cause wrong interpretation of a technical garment drawing and, consequentially, lead to production of a garment that doesn’t match your design idea and specifications. Let’s examine blouse fastener examples.

  • 14122020
  • 81 Просмотров
Today I would like to tell about a typical mistake that students often make when they draw a technical illustration of pants. Unfortunately, this mistake can be found sometimes even in textbooks for fashion designers. It might happen if the technical drawing is done by an illustrator or a graphic designer who don’t understand a garment construction process.
  • 25112020
  • 76 Просмотров

You can analyze figure proportions in Adobe Illustrator and create design based on this analysis. Learn about it.

  • 07112020
  • 54 Просмотров

How to create quickly Fashion mini-line by using Adobe Illustrator CC I discuss in this post.

  • 25102020
  • 49 Просмотров

Do you want to learn how to transform pose of a stylized figure? Then, read this post.

  • 07102020
  • 45 Просмотров

Harmonious color palette can be created from a photo by using Adobe Illustrator CC. Read about it here.

  • 25092020
  • 55 Просмотров

You can use photos as the source of inspiration for Fashion Design. Have a look at some examples of ideas here.

  • 07092020
  • 158 Просмотров
Learn how to edit quickly a line in Adobe Illustrator CC by reading this post.