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A New Feature in Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 – Part 1 (Radial Repeat)

Hello Everyone,

The last update of Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 brought a new feature that allows repeating objects with a single click. When the first object is created, just choose a type of repeat feature (Radial, Mirror or Grid). This feature can be extremely helpful for textile print design or technical garment drawing.

Let’s look at the Radial repeat feature.

Before, we needed several steps to create a flower. With the new radial repeat we can create a flower faster an easier. Experiment with the new radial repeat by following the instruction below:

1. Draw a petal by using Shapes and the Anchor Point tool.

A petal

2. Create a radial repeat. To do so, select the petal with the Selection tool, and choose the following command: Object > Repeat > Radial. 8 instances of the petal will appear by default.

Radial repeat

3. You can edit the flower by dragging controls and splitter.

4. You can quickly create various flower designs by experimenting with controls.

5. If you know the exact number of petals, you can change settings in the Repeat Options dialog box. Choose the Object > Repeat > Options command and the Repeat Options dialog box will appear. Enter the number of petal instances and specify the radius of the circle around which the radial repeat is created.

6. Choose the Object > Expand command to transform the radial repeat into several editable vector objects.

More radial repeat techniques you can learn in chapter 3 of my e-textbook "The Craft of Garment Design with Adobe Illustrator".

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