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Several ideas on quick textile print development

Hello Everyone,

Let’s imagine you need to create textile print quickly, for example, for children sleepwear. Did you know that you can use the Type tool for it? Choose any font, type a letter, transform it to a regular vector object and play with it by cutting, copying, reflecting and so on.

In this post, I would like to talk about one unusual font called Webdings. Let’s see what we can do by using this font.

1. Choose the Type > Glyphs command. The Glyphs panel will appear.

Glyphs panel

2. Click in the font field of this panel and type the first two letters of the font name – ‘We’. Hit the Enter key on the keyboard. You will see that this font is unusual. There are a lot of images instead of letters.

Font - Webdings

3. Select the Type tool in the Toolbar. Click somewhere on your page.

4. Then double click on any image in the Glyphs panel.

Webdings images

5. Let’s transform text into a regular vector image. Select a Webdings image with the Selection tool and choose the Type > Create Outlines command. If you selected several images, ungroup them.

Vector images made from Webdings

You can scale, recolor, reflect, copy, rotate, modify the regular vector image. It is easy to create various motifs for repeated textile prints or brushes.

Textile print motifs and brushes made from Webdings

More ideas how to create brushes by using the Type tool you can find in chapter 10 of my e-textbook "The Craft of Garment Design with Adobe Illustrator".

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