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Adobe Illustrator for Quick Fashion Mini-line Creation

Hello Everyone,

In my previous articles I talked about creation of harmonious color palette and quick pose transformation of a stylized figure by using Adobe Illustrator CC.

Now, I will tell you how you can use such stylized figures for demonstration of your Fashion collection.

While creating new technical drawings in Adobe Illustrator, you will gradually establish your own library of vector images, garment details and ready-to-use models. If you want and have some money to spend, you may subscribe for the library of ready-made vector images Snap Fashun. There are thousands of ready-made technical drawings of men, women, and children apparel, as well as drawings of various garment details.

If you already have technical garment drawings, you can dress easily and quickly the stylized figures thereby forming a new mini-line.

Technical drawing created in Adobe Illustrator can be easily modified by removing or adding new elements. If you have ready-made garment elements and accessories, the task of Fashion collection creation becomes similar to the Lego constructor. By adding various sleeves, collars, pockets, belts and so on, you can change easily your garment design.

By using brushes or symbols, we can add elements binding your collection together.

Complexity of your collection depends on your imagination, client needs and availability of a library of technical drawings and garment details’ drawings, as well as time limits imposed by a customer order.

Demonstration of your ideas is bounded essentially only by your imagination and skills. Fashion sketch can be simple as shown below or much more complex. Customer requirements, your imagination and skills determine the space of potential creative options. Adobe Illustrator is just the tool that helps you to demonstrate you creative ideas.

Acquire Adobe Illustrator skills necessary for every Fashion Designer by studying with my e-textbook "The Craft of Garment Design with Adobe Illustrator".

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