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Puppet Warp: Transforming Stylized Figure Pose

Hello Everyone,

A while ago, a new tool appeared in Adobe Illustrator CC. Sometimes, this tool might be very useful. The tool is called Puppet Warp.

You can transform quickly pose of arms and legs of your stylized figure by using the Puppet Warp tool.

For demonstration, I will use an ordinary stylized figure template that was created in Adobe Illustrator as a vector image. Let’s assume the original pose as the initial one.

1. Select the figure by using the Selection tool. All image elements should be grouped together.

2. With the Puppet Warp tool selected, click on the figure in several points to keep part of the figure fixed while we change position of arms and legs.

3. Now, let’s set the points that we are going to move, namely, wrists and ankles. Hover the cursor over one of these points and click with the left mouse button. Holding the button, move the mouse carefully in a direction you want to change the position.

4. Continue click-and-move procedure in the other points until you get the desired result. By using the Pathfinder panel, we can cut the figure outline in a certain spot and move or bend only part of the figure.

Here are some possible transformation results.

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