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Hello Everyone,

Adobe continuously improves Adobe Illustrator CC with major annual releases and numerous small updates. That’s why I created the online based edition of my e-textbook "The Craft of Garment Design with Adobe illustrator" available on annual subscription basis. I wanted it to be the most up-to-date source on Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 use in Fashion design, easy to use and comprehend even for the novice.

Advantages and benefits of my ebook:

  • All Adobe Illustrator updates are accounted for and presented in the ebook: The ebook content is being constantly updated to reflect changes resulted from current Adobe Illustrator updates that affect its use in Fashion design.
  • Total Cost of Ownership savings: Any other printed books or even digital ebooks get outdated very soon due to the speed and scale of changes in the Adobe apps. In 3-4 years, such books get mostly outdated and difficult to use. Imagine how much you save buying subscription to my ebook comparing to purchase of other much more expensive textbooks on Adobe Illustrator use in Fashion design.
  • Comfortable learning: Easy to follow plain explanations and detailed description of the interface, tools, commands etc. Step-by-step illustrated instructions for successful beginning of skillset development.
  • Availability and convenience of use: Any operating system or an internet browser are allowed to use providing the device / browser limit (maximum 3) is not exceeded
  • Huge volume of useful information: 637 pages of detailed Fashion design focused content that meets a broad range of needs to master Adobe Illustrator CC use in the Fashion industry.

Now, let’s see how to use my e-textbook when reading it online:

1. After payment for the e-textbook subscription, you will receive a purchase confirmation email. If you have not registered on the website before purchase, you will also receive an email asking you to confirm your email address and finish registration. After you sign in to the web site, in the Store menu you will see My orders option that leads to the My orders web page.

After payment completion, the Add to cart button on the My orders webpage turns into the Open button. Below the e-textbook cover image, you will see the date when your subscription expires.

Click the Open button to start reading.

2. After the ebook is loaded you will see the e-textbook reading window.

3. The Chapters button is located on the bottom toolbar, right below the ebook page content. Click on the Chapters button if you need to open Contents and find a specific chapter.

Another Chapters button is located in the top left corner of the e-textbook reading window.

4. After you click the Chapters button, the Contents panel opens up and you will see the list of chapters.

5. Click the small triangle next to the chapter name in order to open the list of subchapters. Drill down until you find the needed subchapter.

Click on the chapter / subchapter name and you will open the corresponding page.

6. There are Previous and Next buttons on the bottom toolbar. Turn over pages back and forth by clicking on these buttons.


7. The Search button is located on the right of the Chapters button, on the bottom toolbar.

Use the Search button to find any spots in the e-textbook content where a word or phrase, that you look for, is located. In the text field of the Search window enter the word or phrase, that you look for, and click the Search whole book or Search chapter only button.

After clicking the selected search button, you will see "Searching…" message.

After search is completed, you will see the list of all places where the word or phrase, that you look for, is found. Click on any record in the list and you will get straight to corresponding spot.

8. In the bottom right corner of the e-textbook reading window there are the Zoom out and Zoom in buttons. Use these buttons to make the e-textbook page smaller or magnify it. However, if you turn over the page the applied effect will disappear.

9. Use the Close button in the upper right corner of the e-textbook reading window in order to close this window and return to the normal mode of viewing the web site.

After you click the Close button, you close the e-textbook reading window and return to the My orders web page.

10. If you want to view the e-textbook pages with specific scale, use Ctrl+Minus or Ctrl+Plus keys to make such reading view constant.

On the My orders web page you may view first two chapters for free by using the Free subscription version of my e-textbook. Just click the Open button under the Free subscription title and find out what the e-textbook content and reading experience look like.


  • For better ebook reading experience magnify pages with Ctrl and Plus (Command and Plus) keys at least by 110-125%.
  • Scroll pages up and down with the mouse wheel.
  • To close the ebook click the cross in the upper right corner of the ebook viewing window.

Welcome to the website! Register and see yourself the advantages of my e-textbook. I wish you joyful and successful learning journey to the mastery of Adobe Illustrator CC for Fashion Design.

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