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Harmonious Color Palette From a Photo

Hello Everyone,

Do you like travelling and taking pictures? You can make a good use of your photos by creating a harmonious color palette for your fashion collection or a placement print for t-shirts, hoodies or any other garments. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop open up a world of unbounded creativity.

Here are some examples:

I created a textile print (placement print) for this top by using my photo of a beautiful Canadian lake and mountains.

This photo does not have contrasting colors. Therefore, the principle of color subordination or related color harmony was used to create a harmonious color palette.

The color palette can be used for the presentation of colorways that might be available for certain garments.

Garment placement print or a color palette can be much more elaborate and complex. Any part of a photo and vector objects, such as vector images or text, may compose your design of a garment placement print. It is up to your imagination. The sky is the limit.

By studying with my e-textbook "The Craft of Garment Design with Adobe Illustrator" (Chapter 9) you will learn various methods to create harmonious color palettes and libraries of color palettes. In chapter 10 you will learn how to render your illustrations with a color or a print.

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